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Your Child's Well-Being is Our Highest Priority At Genesee Pediatrics P.C. the journey of life is a series of events, milestones and each one builds on the subsequent one that makes up the child's unique experience. Your child's well-being is dependent on your active involvement as a guide to healthy choices including everything that goes into your baby's mind, body and soul. Our practice is centered on the basic fundamental natural principles of good health including a healthy active lifestyle, a balanced diet and the core belief in good health, good choices and good healthy living.

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What Happens During a Prenatal Meet and Greet?

During your prenatal meet and greet, you will meet Dr. Manar Hammoud and have an opportunity to become more familiar with our office. This is an excellent way for new parents or parents switching to our office to get to know our medical team, ask questions about our services and philosophies, and become familiar with our team. We strongly recommend these visits for all parents to be, even if this is not your first pregnancy.

How Often Should My Newborn Visit the Doctor?

Your newborn will need to visit our office within two days of coming home from the hospital and again when your child is two weeks old. These first visits allows us to check the baby’s general health and ensure they are eating and popping as expected. After the first two visits, you will return for well visits at:

  • One Month
  • Two Months
  • Four Months
  • Six Months
  • Nine Months

At 12 months, your baby will come in for their first annual well child visit.

What Happens During Baby Well Visits?

During newborn and baby well visits, we look for developmental milestones, including physical, cognitive, and emotional development. In addition, these visits allow us to identify minor issues that can easily be adjusted, and determine if any special care will be needed to assist your child in healthy development.

How Often Should My Child Visit the Doctor After Their First Birthday?

Well -child visits will take place at 12 months and again at:

  • 15 Months
  • 18 Months
  • 24 Months
  • 30 Months
  • 36 Months

After the age of three (36 months), your child will need to visit our office annually for well child visits.

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